Mediation is the process that helps parties to a lawsuit reach an agreement using a neutral person trained in problem solving, as an alternative to going to trial.  


Momentum Mediation assists clients in resolving problems in a timely and cost-effective manner using collaborative mediation principles to dispute resolution.

Momentum Mediation strives to help participants leave with an agreement in hand that passes legal muster and has staying power.

Civil Mediation

A Civil Mediation is one involving a civil lawsuit in which the parties are generally seeking monetary compensation, such as a personal injury. 

Family Mediation

Process in which a mediator helps solve disputes between family members.

  Family mediation is not a substitute for the need for family members to obtain independent legal advise, or counseling, or therapy. It is sometimes ordered by a judge in a court of law.

Domestic Violence Mediation

Domestic Violence Mediations are Family Mediations where domestic violence may be a factor.

Notary Public


We will be offering Notary Public Services to our Mediation clients and to the general public.